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WSH offers a wide variety of training and lesson options.  Our goal is to give the best services possible for all levels and budgets.

Training Packages

Green Training Program   (Our basic package):
A minimum of one lesson per week is required to be in the Willamette Sport Horse Training Program.


Black Training Program   (Mid-level package):​
This program was designed for those that would like more than one lesson per week, and  in a group lesson to help Brooke keep you on a weekly schedule.
• 2 group lessons + 1 lunge per week.

• $320/month. This is a savings of $40/month = free lesson+ per month.

Silver Training Program  (Full training package):

The “Silver” is a complete training program for you and your horse or for just your horse.  This Package is geared toward the rider or owner that is looking to move up the levels, learn a new discipline, or has a horse that needs professional training. 

• Includes 3 sessions weekly + 1 exercise session (lunging or equivalent) by  trainer, assist trainer, or trainer approved working student.
$550/month.  Savings of $130/mo.​

Hourly/ Weekly Lessons:

Private - 45 minute lesson: $55
• Semi Private - 60 minute lesson (2 riders): $45/rider
• Group - 75 minute lesson (3 or more riders): $35/rider

Haul-ins Welcome: $5 Haul in fee

WSH Provides well trained lesson horses for a limited number of lessons per week:  $5 lesson horse fee / per lesson


contact us for more information


Additional Training fees:

• Exercise Session; ride (walk, trot, canter) or lunge by assistant: $20
• Training session/ride by head Trainer: $50


Show Coaching Fees:

Complete 3day package rate $100

or single coaching fee for each:

  • Dressage Warm up $30
  • Stadium Jump Warm up $15
  • Cross Country Warm up $15  
  • Stadium Course Walk $15
  • Cross Country Course Walk $25​

Coaching Priority will be given to:

• Brooke’s competitive horses
• WSH Upper Level Riders


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